Cylinder Head Seat & Guide Equipment

Comec FSV 080 Valve Seat & Guide Machine

Standard Equipment:

Double Pneumatic Jacks, Universal Tilting Clamping System, Tilting Fixture with Clamping Blocks, 2 Parallels, 2 Clamping Bars, 2 Clamps & Set of Pins
Neon Lighting System
Filter & Pressure Manometer
4 Leveling Pads
Tool Holder Mandrel 14-60MM
Bit Holder 18-30MM
Bit Holder 28-40MM
Bit Holder 4-60MM
Tool Setting Gauge
Wrench Set
Operators Manual

Max. Cylinder Head Dimensions-Unlimitedx21.65"x17.716"
Valve Head Diameter Cutting Capacity  0.551 to 3.543"
Longitudinal Head Travel 25.196"
Cross Table Travel 7.874"
Spindle Vertical Travel  7.874"
Spindle Motor Power 0.75 kW
Spindle Speed       35-700 RPM
Working Air Pressure 6 Bar
Air Volume Supply 300 L/min