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Purchasing upgrades to a Pro Account significantly increases your visibility on the EPARTRADE parts sourcing platform, and provides new opportunities to capture the attention of industry decision-makers and buyers.

When you purchase an upgrade to a Pro Account, your listing automatically rises to the top of the Product Search. A Pro Account listing not only includes your company profile and logo, but allows you to post product photos and descriptions, as well as videos, technical information and other valuable content.

More importantly, a Pro Account gives you DIRECT ACCESS TO BUYERS, so you can now search and connect with buyers, 365 days per year. This makes EPARTRADE not only a Marketing Tool for your organization but also a Business Development Tool by putting 25,000+ racing organizations at your fingertips!

Among their many benefits, Pro Account listings allow you to:


Upload photos and technical descriptions 
of newly released products within your Pro Account categories to appear in the New Product section
 on the EPARTRADE home page.


Upload photos and technical descriptions of existing products of your choice (best-seller,
most innovative, etc.) within your Pro Account categories to appear in the Product Spotlight section on the EPARTRADE home page.


Maintain full control over your EPARTRADE Dashboard, entitled My Content, which allows
 you to upload content as often as you like to 
these high-profile categories on the platform's 
home page

subscriptions videos / Webinars

local_activity Special offers and Promotions

business_center Industry Resources Technical Articles. Case Studies.
 Brochures & Catalogs. Job Posts.

library_books Industry News / Press Releases

EPARTRADE offers Pro Account holders five essential services:

  • 1 Performance Report

    The EPARTRADE Performance Report provides you with a report that tells you exactly how many qualified buyers viewed your company profile and product offerings on EPARTRADE, including the duration of time spent on each. The Performance Report makes it easy to track the impact of your new product listings and other content such as promotions, videos and brochures.

  • 2 Buyers Match Program

    The EPARTRADE Buyers Match Program is designed to connect buyers and suppliers directly through the EPARTRADE platform. We do the footwork to match the type of products you are selling with buyers on the platform who have stated an interest in that type of product-- and provide you with a list. It's as simple as that.

  • 3 Newsletters

    “Added-value”... the EPARTRADE newsletters are going out 3-times per week to 50,000+ performance and racing professionals worldwide.
    We feature products, content, industry news and banners from Pro Account Suppliers.

  • 4 EPARTRADE Live!

    “Added-VALUE”… Tech webinars. We 'air' compact and concise live presentations with Pro Account Suppliers on a variety of technical subjects at a more sophisticated level for our industry audience.

  • 5 Direct Leads

    Finally, with EPARTRADE Direct Leads, we use our software to generate direct leads from interested buyers around the world and deliver them to you. No ecommerce here! EPARTRADE creates the leads; you contact the buyers and design your own deal.

We guarantee you haven't seen anything like this!

Finally, upgrading to a Pro Account allows you to connect via the platform with industry buyers and racing businesses around the world, 24/7.

Racing companies have the choice to purchase between 5 different Pro Accounts to cover their line of products and services. Companies can pay monthly, annually or bi-annually.

Prices listed are on a per-month basis, for a 12-month subscription. There are no refunds for upgrades to Pro Accounts.

# Basic Standard AdvantageMost popular Premium UltimateBest value
1 2 4 8 unlimited
1 2 4 8 unlimited
1 2 4 8 unlimited
1 2 4 8 unlimited
1 2 4 8 unlimited
1 2 4 8 unlimited
1 2 4 8 unlimited

You can rotate your products and/or content as often as you wish.

For additional information on how to join our Pro Account Program, please contact: sales@epartrade.com

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