Testimonials from the Racing Industry

“There’s usually no such thing as ‘after hours’ during the racing season. EPARTRADE lets us locate the parts we need, when we need them.”

Jim Oberhofer, Crew Chief, Kalitta Motorsports Mac Tools Top Fuel Dragster

“I think it will help grow the entire industry by making it easy for companies around the world to connect and do business.”

David Cardey, Eibach

“You always need more time, but you cannot buy time. You can only save time. EPARTRADE helps us save so much time in sourcing for suppliers. Thank you…”

Jay Dickens, Jay Dickens Race Engines

“This kind of specialized online platform is exactly what the racing industry needed. Every racing company can benefit.”

Zeke Urrutia, Director of Marketing, Ferrea Racing Components

“For years, I traveled the world to find new products and new suppliers for my customers. Now, with EPARTRADE, I can do the same thing, day or night, all year long, without leaving my office. Time is money. What a valuable service this new platform brings to the Industry. Thank you!”

Jean Marie Jacquemin, Jacquemin Tuning

“This concept of an online resource to immediately connect buyers with suppliers that Judy and Francisque have come up with will save many days of travel away from the shop. This is a trade show right at your fingertips!”

Spenny Clendenen spent over 40 years in Race Engine Building and Race Engine Management, and has walked aisles of trade shows on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean for many years

“It’s about time! The performance and racing industry finally has entered the 21st century and now has a platform that is well overdue, welcome and needed. Thank you EPARTRADE! What took you so long!”

Randy Sosnoff, President, Scott Lewis Associates, Inc

“EPARTRADE has made the world a little smaller, allowing us to connect with global companies like they are just down the street.”

Cindy Verkooij, Director of Sales and Marketing, CP-Carrillo, Inc.

“Finally! A company that gets the business to business dynamic. Web-based, 24/7, and global. Thanks EPARTRADE. Business just got a little easier.”

Ron Zappendorf, CEO, DiscoveryParts, Inc