Testimonials from the Racing Industry

“I have been involved in the motorsports industry for 55 years. As a small manufacturer 1987 was a big year, PRI’s first affordable trade show. As time went on, costs increased to a point where the cost verses reward didn’t make since. EPARTRADE and the original Steve Lewis team are changing the industry. Your state-of-the-art technology allows the small guys to play in the big leagues.”

John Bickford, Founder of MPD Racing, VP, Action Performance, VP, Jeff Gordon, Inc.

“Thanks for the EPARTRADE newsletter coverage last week. My phone blew up for like an hour, one inquiry after another, from ALL OVER the COUNTRY. All mentioned seeing EPARTRADE. You guys are really getting out there.”

Bob Veeley, Partner and Sales Manager, New England Gear Polishing

“Dyer's Top Rods has been with EPARTRADE since the beginning. The marketplace has changed, and we need new potential customers and to keep our existing customers informed of new products. The EPARTRADE platform allows this to happen!”

Roger Friedman, Owner of Dyer's Top Rods

“Wow! EPARTRADE makes me wish I was still a crew chief or team manager. This is a fantastic platform...it's like combining all the trade shows into one.”

Jeff Hammond, Two-time NASCAR Championship Crew Chief, TV and Radio Analyst

“There’s usually no such thing as ‘after hours’ during the racing season. EPARTRADE lets us locate the parts we need, when we need them.”

Jim Oberhofer, Crew Chief, Paul Lee Racing, NHRA

“Dear EPARTRADE Friends, hearing about your success makes me proud to be part of it from the beginning. Keep up the momentum and enjoy the feeling of having accomplished something which is a breakthrough for our Industry.”

Wilfried Eibach, Chairman, Eibach

“You always need more time, but you cannot buy time. You can only save time. EPARTRADE helps us save so much time in sourcing for suppliers. Thank you…”

Jay Dickens, Jay Dickens Race Engines

“EPARTRADE has made the world a little smaller, allowing us to connect with racing companies around the world like they are just down the street. The racing industry now has a place online, global and 24/7.”

Yves Morizot, President & CEO, Stand 21

“This kind of specialized online platform is exactly what the racing industry needed. Every racing company can benefit.”

Zeke Urrutia, Director of Marketing, Ferrea Racing Components

“For years, I traveled the world to find new products and new suppliers for my customers. Now, with EPARTRADE, I can do the same thing, day or night, all year long, without leaving my office. Time is money. What a valuable service this new platform brings to the Industry. Thank you!”

Jean Marie Jacquemin, Jacquemin Tuning

“This concept of an online resource to immediately connect buyers with suppliers that Judy and Francisque have come up with will save many days of travel away from the shop. This is a trade show right at your fingertips!”

Spenny Clendenen spent over 40 years in Race Engine Building and Race Engine Management, and has walked aisles of trade shows on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean for many years

“It’s about time! The performance and racing industry finally has entered the 21st century and now has a platform that is well overdue, welcome and needed. Thank you EPARTRADE! What took you so long!”

Randy Sosnoff, President, Scott Lewis Associates, Inc

“Nailed it! The fine Team at EPARTRADE knows what they are doing. They have many years of combined experience in our industry and you can see they have put it all to good use. When we were first looking in to this program they did an absolutely great job explaining the platform to us and it made us feel comfortable and confident we were making the right decision to join. We always have successful trade shows and now it’s like we are having a great show every day of the week, with zero travel costs. This is a great service and extremely cost effective!”

Shane Turner, Director of Sales & Marketing, Oliver Racing Parts.

“Finally! A company that gets the business to business dynamic. Web-based, 24/7, and global. Thanks EPARTRADE. Business just got a little easier.”

Ron Zappendorf, CEO, DiscoveryParts, Inc

“EPARTRADE has become one of my favorite sites and is on my browser title bar. (No one gets that position unless it is something I really want). Seriously, the evolution of the site is pretty amazing. Congratulations on a very useful and great resource for anything racing related.”

John Concialdi, AEM Performance Electronics

“I like the immediacy of being able to access EPARTRADE any time I want from my mobile phone or computer. No matter where I am, I can get answers fast about suppliers or racing products.”

Jeff Ginter, Jeff Ginter Racing Engines

“EPARTRADE provides connectivity for racing businesses. We now have the ability to access one another and work with one another on a playing field that didn't exist before. That's special.”

JR Twedt, General Manager, K1 RaceGear

“Since signing up with EPARTRADE we have had a lot of inquiries from companies wanting to distribute our driver cooling system and from race teams wanting to use it. We've had great feedback from the platform. Judy and the EPARTRADE team are awesome at working to help racing people.”

Andy Wagoner, Owner, Steele Racing Products

“I am amazed with the new products listed with EPARTRADE. It’s like getting a sneak peek at the products before the manufacturers advertise them for sale. After hour access is great. Great site, and a great job by all the EPARTRADE staff.”

Mike McKinney, General Manager, Rhyne Competition Engines

“I have been involved in the high performance motorsport industry to some degree my entire life. I have experienced the ebb and flow of sales, marketing and promotion. In today's climate I cannot imagine a more productive and efficient program than that offered by EPARTRADE. It is timely, accurate and allows industry buyers to interact with the suppliers directly. My humble opinion is that this is the future of our industry.”

Jack Sparks, Former President of Perfomance Motorsport Incorportation (Carrillo Industries, JE Pistons, Wiseco Pistons among others), Former CEO of BSR Distribution

“EPARTRADE is a very useful platform. At the touch of a button, 24/7, EPARTRADE is a new and better way to interact with companies and see what they are up to.... If you're a small, Mom-and-Pop, bricks-and-mortar shop, EPARTRADE can make your shop's dreams come true. You can connect better and faster with companies.”

Brayden Finchum, 66 Salvage Restoration Speed Shop

“Keep up the good work! You're making waves in the industry the likes of which no one has ever seen before, and it serves both ends of the trade in a huge way....You guys are doing a fantastic job!”

Michelle LaRose, LaRose Racing & Repair

“EPARTRADE—what a great idea!! I love the site; I love it because it's geared to the racer. Keep up the good work!”

Sam Auxier Jr, Engine Builder & Drag Racer

“I want to re-iterate that we have been very pleased with everything EPARTRADE has done to keep us all informed. This is awesome. I think any subject we could think of will be covered by the time Online Race Industry Week is done. We even work closely with some of the companies doing presentations. All this to say thank you from the whole Ultraray Motorsports Team.”

Jason Dunski, Ultraray Motorsports

“EPARTRADE has been an exciting and valuable tool for the Richard Childress Race Car Technology program here at Forsyth Tech Community College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The webinar series, in particular, has been a great way to connect with industry partners and an exceptional way to keep up with the ever-changing technology in racing. As the Program Coordinator, I have been implementing some of the webinars into our course material that fits with the courses being offered that semester. This way students get a chance to see what is happening in the industry they love, as well as see where the industry is heading. Judy, Zach, and the entire team at EPARTRADE have welcomed us with open arms and have been eager to help in any way they can. Keep up the good work! We will do our best to keep the racing industry fed with the next generation of technicians, and professionals.”

Myles Regier, Motorsports Program Coordinator at FTCC

“At Lime Rock Park I see countless team managers and mechanics working the long days required to make a race car, race ready. Many in development and prep don’t have the luxury of time or expense to attend a conference to learn how their colleagues are overcoming the usual obstacles or innovating to do better. Epartrade is a virtual clubhouse of real time racing intelligence accessible 24 hours a day that gives the small, medium or big budget race team or prep shop access to what their colleagues are doing around the country and the world. In a competitive world knowledge wins and Epartrade makes access to the collective knowledge base from those in the trenches (and the pits) both enjoyable and easy. What could be better?”

Pat Daly, In-House Instructor, Lime Rock Park

“I count on the excellent team @Epartrade for their ability to connect and promote our broad and diverse industry. Their platform is the leading edge of connecting, informing, promoting, and helping us to grow our companies and businesses.”

Ted Harrison, Owner, Quick Racing Products, TelTac Tachometers

“We’ve been in business a long time; over 25 years and fortunate to cast a pretty big shadow for a small company. Our business evolved over the years to primarily private label and co-engineered products conducted under NDA’s. At traditional trade shows, you can talk to prospective customers, tell them how great your products were, but without naming names, you don’t always get to the next step. Upgrading to a Pro Account has given us exposure within the industry, and I have to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised when those prospective customers we had talked to in the past started reaching out to us. As an additional benefit, existing customers saw us on Epartrade and commented on all the additional opportunities they saw with our company. Of course, our portfolio of products and services were always expressed to existing customers, but there must have been some magic on Epartrade because NOW they actually saw it! The Epartrade team are all knowledgeable professionals, helpful, and extremely easy to work with. There is a Pro Account for every size company and budget. From what I have experienced, the Epartrade forum is well respected and well-read within the industry, and I can’t recommend it enough.”

Michael Antonelli, IQ Integrated Quality Inc.

“As an engine builder and now a supplier, and having been in the racing industry for over 40 years, it’s obvious with internet and social media the world has become a different marketplace. EPARTRADE is a venue in the industry that has been missing and now we don’t have to wait for a trade show for our needs. I am glad to be part of EPARTRADE as we are all finding new and innovative ways to live and work. There is a reason this racing platform is thriving more than ever before and it is a resource that I cannot do without.”

Al Carreon, CMP Engines

“I log into EPARTRADE to start my day because I know this is one of the only places I’m finding the newest products and services and learning of new companies I’ve never seen before. INTRACO TRADING COMPANY set out to be the leading source for the performance and racing industry in the UAE, and since we are a based overseas I find this the easiest way to get what I need all in one spot on the internet. We are growing internationally with the help of the platform and we appreciate what EPARTRADE has created- there’s nothing else like it! I see the value in this platform because I don’t feel the need to travel to the states as often as I would have before, now I can do it right from my computer and it doesn’t cost me anything!”

Dr. Ahmed AlZarooni, Intraco General Trading Est

Grazie, Epartrade, for being a driving force behind our continued success in the world of motorsports and your ongoing support. We're grateful and looking forward to continuing the relationship with your team for years to come.

Oscar Nicola, CEO, Tecnauto SRLC

“One of the standout features of EPARTRADE I have found is its ability to facilitate seamless and direct communication within the motorsport industry. Through the platform, we can begin to establish meaningful relationships with key players in the US automotive industry. We will continue to use EPARTRADE as a tool in our business efforts.”

Ben Twomey, Managing Director at OUTLAW SPEED SHOP

“I cannot speak highly enough about the value Epartrade. Their huge product selection on a very user-friendly platform makes it a no brainer as an ally in the automotive industry. I wholeheartedly recommend Epartrade to any fellow engine builder or automotive professional looking for a reliable partner in sourcing top-quality parts and supplies. On top of that, the team provides outstanding customer support which is hard to find these days!”

Joey Grose, President of Ron Grose Racing, Owner of Machine Service & Parts

“The EPARTRADE platform is user-friendly and has greatly facilitated my business's growth, allowing me to easily source quality parts and services. I am more able than ever to collaborate with new people thanks to this network of other industry professionals, and I can go online whenever it works for me. With EPARTRADE, I have seen a significant boost in productivity in the shop, making it an invaluable resource for us to utilize indefinitely.”


“One of the most significant advantages of EPARTRADE is its extensive network of suppliers, manufacturers, and industry professionals. With this platform, we have been able to make relationships with numerous suppliers and source high-quality parts and components for our fabrication projects. This has not only saved us time but has also allowed us to access a wide range of options and make informed decisions about the products we use. I don’t see any other reason to start my search elsewhere when EPARTRADE has become my one-stop-shop for all the things I need to conduct my small business.”

Matthew Maners, CEO, MEM Fabrication

“We are thrilled with Epartrade as the industry’s first and only digital sourcing platform for racing! Unlike other search engines, we use Epartrade because we know it is a specialized marketplace tailored to the performance, racing, and motorsports industry. Based out of the UK, we are a motorsport racing team, engineering company, and performance parts distributor offering race preparation, road car tuning, kit car builds and parts. The team here at MacG Racing is confident using this platform knowing we are reaching a targeted audience of racing teams, and other trade only professionals – and I don’t even have to leave my shop!”

Dan Fouracres, Motorsport and Performance Sales , MacG Racing Ltd.

The team at EPARTRADE has been incredible to work with! The personal attention to detail and guidance has been instrumental to our success in use of the platform. I would highly recommend being a part of the innovation of EPARTRADE.

Matt Ryce, Marketing Manager, D&J Precision Machine

“I was introduced to EPARTRADE a few months ago and since then our eyes have been opened very wide, to what this platform does for racing. We can’t wait to be more involved as we evolve as a company and a race team.”

Dusty Price, Team Manager at Bacon Bits Racing

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