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Compressor GT µC
Compressor GT µC

Compressor GT µC

Compressor GT including micro controller (µC)

Compact standalone air compressor with integrated pressure regulation for motorsport applications.

Technical description:

The compressor GT µC is a standalone compressor unit with integrated pressure reservoir to supply compressed air for the shift systems with external actuators and external shift process control (e.g. integrated within the ECU).

In addition, the compressor GT µC is ideally suited for waste gate control applications.

The unit reliably supplies a constant pressure of 6 to a maximum of 8 bar (standard supply pressure is configurable) and weighs approx. 1.7kg and is very compact (approx. 143 x 91 x 140 mm).

The compressor GT µC permanently monitors the relevant operating parameters such as supply voltage, current and temperature. The data are made available to the ECU or data logger via a CAN interface. The configuration (optional) is also made via CAN.

For maximum performance combine the compressor GT µC with a MEGA-Line valve block, a MEGA-Line shift cylinder and where appropriate a MEGA-Line blip cylinder (for vehicles without electronic throttle control actuator ("drive by wire")).