Slurry Blaster

The Giant GSB 4836 is a heavy duty, industrial-use slurry wet blast cabinet. Like all our sandblasting cabinets, our vapor blast cabinets are 100% laser cut and hand welded. Constructed with 12 gauge stainless steel, the Giant GSB 4836 Slurry Wet Blast Cabinet is built for efficiency and durability.

The wet blast system in this cabinet, (often referred to as a slurry pump system), delivers a mix of blast media and water to the blast gun. There, compressed air is introduced to accelerate the abrasive media to the blasted surface.

This process creates a very clean surface, much like the high impact of conventional dry blasting processes, but with a more delicate finish.

The Giant GSB 4836 Slurry Wet Blast Cabinet is designed to strip factory coatings quickly, and hold up to continual, everyday use.

Our slurry system vapor blaster comes with a two year limited warranty.