Heat Insulation Blankets
Full Race Turbo and WG Blankets
Full Race Turbo and WG Blankets
Full Race Turbo and WG Blankets
Full Race Turbo and WG Blankets
Full Race Turbo and WG Blankets

Full Race Turbo and WG Blankets

Full Race Turbo and WG Blankets

Full Race Turbo and WG Blankets are the easiest and most affordable way to protect your investment – and spool faster. By keeping the heat insulated inside the turbocharger’s hot side, turbine efficiency goes up, reducing turbo lag. Not only does the huge reduction in engine bay temperature provide protection for the surrounding components, but it also results in a cooler air intake temperature and a boost in horsepower.

Full Race Turbo Blanket Features:
Available in turbo specific fitment for an easy install (T25, T3 and T4)
Reduces turbo lag and Prevents heat soak
Installation hardware included
Stainless steel rivet hooks to fasten the blanket
Kevlar High-Temp Flame Resistant Sewing Thread
Rated to 1800°F Direct Heat and 2500°F Radiant Heat
Provides huge reduction of engine bay temperatures
Improved durability against abrasions, temperatures, and vibration
Plastic pieces, lines, hoses, electrical components are all shielded from damaging heat
Protects paint and carbon fiber hoods on applications with minimal hood to turbo clearance
Extended lifespan of surrounding components due to lower engine bay temps

Stronger and more durable than other turbo blankets and turbo shields

Our Full Race Turbo Blankets are composed of 4 layers. The inner layer is a stainless steel mesh that separates the insulation layers from the turbo’s hot side housing, greatly increasing durability and reducing breakdown of materials over time. Next is a layer of premium high temp silica fabric, insulated with a C.M.S. (calcium magnesium silicate wool) or “Superwool” for protection against extreme turbo generated heat. Finally, the outer layer is made from basalt volcanic rock, and sewn together using Kevlar High-Temp Flame Resistant Sewing Thread.

What does volcanic rock have to do with turbos?

90% of the world’s volcanic rock is made up of basalt – this unique material can be extruded and melted into filaments and woven like a traditional cloth fabric. Soft to the touch, this one of the toughest and most heat resistant materials available.

Full Race T4 Turbo Blanket Applications:

BorgWarner AirWerks
BorgWarner EFR
Garrett T
Garrett GT
Garrett GTX
Garrett GTW
Garrett G Series
Precision Turbo PTE
PTE Gen1
PTE Gen2
Xona Rotor Turbos
+ More!

Note: Turbo shields are not designed to be removed after the first heat cycle. The fibers lose their initial flexibility after they are exposed to the extreme heat of a turbo housing. This does not reduce the thermal properties of the shield.