Clausing CT618CNC

Features and Benefits
Toolroom lathes are used for 5C collet work and precision finishing operations. They are capable of achieving spindle runout within 50 millionths on an inch or better.
Variable speed pulleys are driven by a V-shaped belt system and a variable speed assembly, which has an infinite speed range regulated by the turn of a dial.
Three-phase refers to three individual lines (coils) that connect to and run voltage through the motor. Each line alternates in a sequence as they reach their voltage peak. They provide a more stable flow of voltage and more horsepower to the equipment.
Bench, Engine & Toolroom Lathes; Machine Type: Toolroom Lathe ; Spindle Speed Control: Variable Speed Pulley ; Phase: 3 ; Voltage: 230 ; Horsepower (HP): 5 ; Swing (Inch): 6