Nitrous Oxide Controllers

Nitrous Controller with LCD Display

This is our newest addition to our nitrous product line. It has all the great features and functions of our PRO SERIES nitrous controller and now in an all billet aluminium enclosure. Nitrous controllers in epoxy for high moisture or wet applications are still available upon request.

Our new generation of nitrous controller features microchip technology and programmability without the use of a laptop. Timers are programmed with a shaft encoder selector and screen prompts, allowing you to change settings on the fly in the staging lanes, giving you the convenience of last minute changes.

It can be configured for 2 to 5 stages and from 2 to 10 timers. All controllers can be programmed and updated with software. For example, if you purchased a 3 stage controller and decided in the future to have 4 stages, simply send us back your controller for a software update to 4 stages without purchasing a new 4 stage controller.

On-screen prompts, and status reading for inputs for ease of use and diagnosis.

Self-diagnosing LED status for fuses and outputs. For example if fuse is blown, LED will turn from yellow to red.
Each stage can be set to be timed, instant, or off.

Each stage can be selected to either start over or hold the timers if there is a need to “pedal” the throttle, and you can select how many stages are to start over or hold the timers.

You can select any stage to come on at any time. For example, if your stage 3 tune up is more aggressive than your first stage and want to take advantage to optimum track conditions, you can select stage 3 to come on at the release of clutch or trans brake and time your first stage. This gives you complete flexibility of how and when your nitrous stages are applied.

Each output uses 70 amp relays and slow blow fuses that will not blow due to higher than normal amperage spikes. For split systems, 35 amp relays are used per channel.

Built in line purges with fuses and relays.

Built in Trans brake or clutch input staging interrupt. The unique feature is this circuit is all controlled by the microprocessor, giving you Nanosecond response time once the button is released.
Timers for any stage can be set to start upon a ground input from a shifter selector input, allowing the nitrous to be applied after the car has shifted into gear primarily from the 1-2 shift.