Hot Shot's Secret RV Slide-Out Lubricant

RV Slide-Out Spray Lubricant protects RV slide out mechanisms from rust and corrosion, ensures a smooth and quiet operation and provides longlasting lubricant protection to extend the life of slide-outs. Designed specifically for recreational vehicles, RV Slide-Out Lubricant is safe to use on metal, rubber, vinyl and plastic. Shake thoroughly before each use. Insert straw and tap securely in place. Hold 8-12 inches away from surface and apply evenly.

Hot Shot's Secret Slide-Out Lubricant is a synthetic grease that has a wide temperature range of -80 degree F to 400 degree F. The unique formula contains rust and corrosion inhibitors and a synthetic lubricant that ensures your RV tracks do not wear and remain intact even longer than your RV.