Chevy Small Block Billet Crankshafts

Billet Crank. with 6-Counterweights - Lightweight
Stroke: 3.750" / 3.480" & 3.000"

The ZRP crankshaft for Chevy Small Block is manufactured from aerospace grade 4340 solid billet steel and no compromises have been made to the quality of the material, in order to ensure the best possible product. This crankshaft designed carefully from our vast experience, to provide the best possible engine performance and the production process consist of very strict inspections to ensure that they have the best quality and tight tolerances for perfect fitment.

The Chevy crankshaft is fully balanced to 2gr.cm +/- 0.1 using state of the art Sunnen machines, balance results report included.

Product Features and Design

Solid profiled counterweights aimed for maximum durability and increased crankshaft momentum.
Gun drilled crank pins to reduce weight and rotating mass .
Dual passage – straight through oil feeding for better oiling of the journals.
Straight oil holes for better oiling of the rod journals
Chamfered oil holes
Journal radius disperse load stress.
Tapered rod journals for weight reduction.

Technical Features of ZRP Crankshafts

Full CNC machining.
ION (Plasma) Nitride process for hardening.
Multi Stage Heat Treatment.
Shot peening for stress release.
100% Magna- fluxing for flawless surface finish.
Heat treatment for superior wear resistance.
Micro-polishing for longer bearing life.
Sonic tested and X-rayed to ensure a reliable end product.