E-Shift Actuator GT
E-Shift Actuator GT

E-Shift Actuator GT

Compact and ultra-light high-performance rotary actuator for installation directly onto the gearbox selector barrel

Technical description:

With the E-Shift Actuator GT, MEGA-Line once again re-defined the state-of-the-art of modern gearshift systems!

Like its sibling, the E-Shift Barrel OEM, the E-Shift Actuator GT is a direct drive, rotary actuator to be mounted directly onto the gearbox selector barrel.

Compared with traditional pneumatic gearshift systems, the E-Shift GT not only replaces all required pneumatic shift system components incl. air hoses and brackets, but also the gearbox ratchet, detent and gear potentiometer.

Considering the E-Shift Actuator GT weight of only 850 grams, utilizing this shift system generates weight savings of several kilogram compared to the standard pneumatic gearshift solutions!

On top, the E-Shift Actuator also significantly reduces gearshift system complexity by reducing entire the gearshift system down to only one component.

And besides all this, the E-Shift Actuator GT also provides additional advantages compared to any pneumatic system available:
  • Significantly increased position accuracy
  • Possibility of achieving a “false neutral” between each gear pair (for e.g. easy coasting to save fuel, advanced gearchange controls, drive train safe mode)
  • Enabling possibility to run different shift strategies/calibrations per gear pair (e.g. to address high differential speeds) etc.
This intelligent actuator features active position control and provides two redundant positions sensors to maximize operation stability and safety.

Communication is completely CAN-based, with optional analog inputs available for UP and DOWN shift requests.

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