Comec ACF200 CNC Boring Mill
Comec ACF200 CNC Boring Mill

Comec ACF200 CNC Boring Mill

Comec ACF200 CNC Cylinder boring-resurfacing machine. For the revision of engine blocks from cars and trucks. It can be useful that different operations can take place on a single machine. The 2 most important operations are boring and surfacing. 
The Comec ACF200 CNC boring machine combines these two most important operations in one machine! Thanks to the CNC control, this is now also fully automatic, fast and extremely accurate.

The introduction of highly innovative solutions makes this machine even faster and more practical to use. This machine is of course very robust and extremely precise, resulting in a high-quality end product. 

Standard equipment
  • Computer Numerical Control using LINUX Operating System and ARMv8 CPU Processor
  • Precision Ball screw drives on 3 Axis
  • Movements by linear railways on 3 Axis
  • Brushless motors on 3 axis controlled by CNC
  • Swing arm control panel with double touch screens
  • Electronic Handwheel for manual displacement on 3 Axis (Fast-Medium-Fine speeds)
  • Full automatic and programmable working modes for boring and milling operations
  • WI-FI and LAN connections for support and service
  • PV0160 pair of parallel supports
  • PV0021 large clamps (2 pcs.)
  • PV0022 small clamps (4 pcs.)
  • Wrench set
  • Instruction manual 

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