Slick Series piston skirt coatings reduce operational clearances, protect piston skirts from scuffing, retain oil and decrease friction. Piston slap and ring flutter is minimized compared to uncoated pistons, which effectively improves ring seal and reduces wear on the pistons and rings. Also protects the interface from foreign particle wear.

  1. Build it with 25% of normal clearance (too tight)t
  2. Upon initial operation, coating hones itself to optimum shape and size in each bore
  3. When there is room for the perfect oil film, the wear stops (Stribeck Fitting™)

A: Piston skirts - 2 and 4 stroke engines
  1. Reduces stock clearance for best fit
  2. Reduces slap for better ring seal
  3. Protects against scuffing
  4. Retains oil film
  5. Decreases friction
  6. Promotes hydrodynamic sliding
  7. 2 strokes run quieter, crisper, and more efficiently

B: Oil pumps - Spur gear, gerotor, and multi-stage
  1. Maximizes low RPM pressure
  2. Seals leaky clearances
  3. Protects components
  4. Restores worn housings/gears

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