Shock Absorbers

JRZ 14 51 Porsche 991 GT3 Cup

Equipped with the 50 DA shaft and the FA 3030 Piston, combined they can provide almost any damping curve and adjustment style. User desired characteristics are easy to achieve with our valving matrix. The flow paths in the system are designed to produce significant low speed damping forces with low hysteresis. This is used with our proven damping philosophy in compression to give the most direct JRZ feeling ever.

-Rebound adjustment independent from compression
-Fully useable adjustment range
-27 clicks rebound bleed on shaft
-27 clicks compression bleed on shaft
-19 clicks high speed compression on reservoir
-10 clicks low speed compression on reservoir
-Even steps in damping adjustment per click
-Check valves adjustable for initial nose tuning
-Large, standard and fine bleed ranges
-High volume canister
-Adjustable gas pressure
-50 DA shaft
-Double adjustable remote canister