Instrument Panels

AEM EV Performance Controls

AEM Performance Electronics is launching AEM EV, its new Performance EV Controls brand, and initial suite of performance electric vehicle control solutions. The AEM EV mission is to deliver products that simplify the EV conversion process and provide powerful control for EV motorsports applications that are intuitive and simple to use. The AEM EV brand allows the company to differentiate its EV performance products from its existing and future performance products for internal combustion race engines.

Under the AEM EV brand, the initial rollout includes two Vehicle Control Units (VCUs) that will deliver motorsports-ready EV tuning capabilities through a simplified, user-friendly interface, a powerful 8-Channel Power Distribution Unit (PDU) module that provides mounting flexibility through the ability to daisy-chain up to eight units together over a CAN bus network and a CAN-based switch panel.

AEM is fortunate to have partnered with several key players in the EV segment upon its decision to enter the EV market. Cascadia Motion, EV West, Hancock and Lane, Pat McCue and MLe Racecars, and Napoleon Motorsports have all played a critical role in the ramp up of the AEM EV product line. Release of AEM EV’s first round of products is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.