Advanced Multifunctional Metal Protectant 

 Description: Klotz KCP22 is a multifunctional metal protectant for motorsports, manufacturing, and industrial applications. It forms a protective boundary without leaving a thick or sticky film that will attract dirt and debris. It is easier to apply and remove than traditional petroleum wax products. It can be used as either a corrosion inhibitor or an anti-spatter coating for welding and laser cutting. 

Product Segment: Specialty Products 

Product Category: Silver Label 

Product Sub-Category: Rust Preventatives, Coatings & Protectants 

Applications: KCP22 is designed for use with a wide range of alloys. Its non-staining chemistry makes it ideal for visible areas. It provides short-term protection during honing, machining, metal forming, assembly, and transport. It provides long-term protection during warehouse storage. It mitigates slag buildup on tables and workpieces during welding or laser cutting. It can also be used to extend the useful life of industrial equipment such as forming dies and hand tools. 

Part Number: KS-300 

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