SportsRyder Lowering Kits

Coil springs are the foundations of the modern lowering suspension system. Their spring rate and 'loaded' or installed height are fundamental in influencing chassis dynamics, vehicle balance and ride quality. And of course, the loaded height determines the vehicle's ride height and its trim or attitude. Pedders SportsRyder coils are designed and engineered to the highest quality standards to deliver unrivalled performance, consistency and reliability.
With Pedders SportsRyder Coil Springs the handling of most vehicles is substantially improved by increasing the original spring rate to a rate which reduces body roll and, in turn, aids tyre adhesion - without causing undue harshness or rigidity. Coil spring design and manufacture is a craft which requires strict adherence to a demanding series of procedures, all of which are critical to the performance of the final product.

All Pedders SportsRyder heavy duty coils are manufactured at our Spring manufacturing plant located at Pedders Suspension Head Office in Keysborough Victoria Australia. If you are looking for quality coil springs for sale, pay us a visit and we will make sure your vehicle is equipped with the right components for a safe and comfortable driving experience.

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