Engine, Complete

Titus Engine Block

Accepting standard Cleveland accessories and hardware, these new larger displacement blocks are available in aluminum or cast iron, with deck heights of 9.2in or 9.5in and with bore sizes ranging from 4.00in to 4.20in.
Suitable for street or strip use and for most forms of drag, oval track, and road racing.

They operate in naturally aspirated form or with nitrous, turbochargers, or superchargers. More importantly, though they are designed to handle extreme power, they mate to stock components and operate easily in standard street cars.

Unlike the original Cleveland block, the lubrication system has been redesigned for priority oiling to the main bearings with the ability to adjust oil flow elsewhere. In addition, the main webs are designed for solidity, providing the greatest amount of material for 4.38in bore centers.

The main caps have a wider span than the originals, using splayed outer bolts that take anchor in the solid pan rails.

Titus uses a one-piece main seal that accommodates both production and aftermarket crankshafts.

Cam tunnel has been configured to allow stock or larger base-circle camshafts and stock or larger cam journals. Titus blocks use screw-in freeze plugs sealed by O-rings.

Solid water jackets; deck heights of 9.100 to 9.700in; 14- or 18-bolt cylinder heads; bushed lifter bores and more.