Two New Dry Sump Packages For Chevy LT

Chevrolet’s latest engine family, the LT, can now be enhanced through the addition of a dry sump lubrication system from industry pioneer Aviaid. Benefits include eliminating power-robbing windage, assuring a constant supply of lubricant during hard acceleration, braking or cornering and providing a regulated flow of cool, clean oil to reduce engine wear. The low profile oil pan allows for lower engine placement. 
Aviaid has developed block-hugging packages for both left and right-hand pump installations. They are available from 3-stage to 6-stage designs. Adapters can be employed for also pumping fuel or power steering fluid. Also available is an external wet sump pump, which replaces the stock unit and provides a constant flow —up to over 10,000 RPM. 
Other components of the LT system (which can be ordered with single p/n convenience) include the fabricated aluminum oil pan, a remote filter adapter, mounting brackets, sump and vent tanks, drive pulleys, belt, and an ATI Super Damper specially designed for the Aviaid package. 
Additional information can be obtained by visiting,  calling 818-998-8991 or sending an e-mail to:

Founded in 1961, Aviaid remains at the forefront of lubrication technology. 

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