Magnet Array Filters
Magnet Array Filters

Magnet Array Filters


The Problem:

Current Spin On-Oil filters have a porosity between 20 to 45 microns depending on brand and engine flow requirement, which means at best they don’t’ filter out 1<19 micron iron particles so they continue circulate in the oil and fit between critical components causing excess wear, engine damage and reduced engine performance. When an engine is under load Bearings, Piston Rings and Piston Wrist Pin tolerance can be as little a 2-3 microns.

The Solution:

Magnet Array Filters adds performance to the standard Spin-On Oil filters by removing Iron Wear Particles from Engine Oil  even as small as half a micron in size.

There are other Magnetic Filters Brands on the Market but only Magnet Array Filters have been Engineered at Iowa State University to maximize magnetic strength and projection and therefore is the best and removes iron particles as small as .5 microns.

Dennis O'Neel

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