Toyota 3SGTE Amphibian ProCool ProCross Performance Sleeves

Solving Toyota’s 3SGTE 2.0L Turbo chronic cast iron block cracking is L.A.SLEEVE’s Amphibious ProCool ProCross performance sleeves. Over 500hp, the 3SGTE’s realize casting fractures. The sleeve design removes the original bore spacing material, replaced by Moly2000 centrifugally spun-cast ductile sleeves. Blocks are reinforced and rate up to 1,200hp. The sleeves press dry in the lower parent bore material; the upper torso of the sleeves cools directly in the water jacket. The design will perform under all conditions from drifting, road race, drag race or rallying. Cost on a set is $867.00 wholesale, and retail $999.00. 

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