Professional Grade Red Poly-7 Racing Grease

For over six decades Champion Brands, a blender of packaged motor oils, gear lubes, brake fluids, and many other specialty racing and automotive chemicals, has recently announced a Professional Grade Poly-7 Red Racing Grease for high-speed competition and racing applications.

Champion Poly-7 Red Racing Grease, Part #4053T/40 -14 oz., is red in color, a NLGI #2 classification, tacky, multi-purpose, and high temperature grease that incorporates polymer technology, premium additive technology, hydro-treated base oils, calcium sulfonate, and a lithium complex thickening system. Its unique chemistry prevents melting and breakdown of the grease at temperatures over 500°F.

These additive and polymer technologies ensure for the racer maximum lubricity, adhesion, resistance to water wash-out, and defiance to sling-off. Strong tackiness additives keep this grease in place under high pitch line speeds, and provide ease of application. It is engineered with extreme-pressure anti-wear additives to deliver excellent protection in heavily loaded and high-speed racing applications, ensuring long component life.