Pure Estorlin Racing
Pure Estorlin Racing

Pure Estorlin Racing

High-Performance Racing Oil

Description: Klotz Pure Estorlin Racing is a high-performance lubricant designed for motorsports engines. It offers the following performance attributes:

§  Multiple antioxidants are used to mitigate oxidation and oil thickening, even under extended periods of high oil temperatures.
§  Multiple anti-wear additives are used to protect hardware, such as camshaft roller bearings and flat tappets, from wear.
§  Contains powerful dispersant/detergent package to maintain engine cleanliness and prevent high-temperature deposits such as varnish.
§  Dispersant/detergent package includes chemistry that activates at both low and high temperatures to protect the engine from startup to shut down.
§  Boosted with a blend of friction modifying chemistry to lower oil temperatures and mitigate wear.
§  Shear-stable polymers allow the lubricant to maintain its performance and viscosity under extended periods of high RPMs and high oil temperatures.
§  High total base number (TBN) allows the formulation to neutralize crankcase acids, further protecting hardware.

Product Segment: Lubricants

Product Category: Racing

Product Sub-Category: Professional and Sportsman Oil


§  Designed specifically for circle track, drag racing, sports car racing, and hot rod applications.
§  Klotz Pure Estorlin Racing is not compatible with emission systems.

Part Number: Multiple viscosity grades are available.

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