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IVOS Helmets

IVOS Helmets

Since 1992, Stand 21 has produced helmets in its own facility in France, using sophisticated composite materials. From the very beginning, Stand 21 followed the SNELL certification standard, at the time the world’s most stringent.
Today, the unrivaled Stand 21 expertise in carbon-fiber craft (also used in the manufacturing of the HANS® devices) allows the company to offer a highly performing, FIA-certified product line at an affordable price. All Stand 21 helmets are engineered and constructed with built-in, frontal head restraint attachment systems.
- Outer shell made of carbon
- Inner liner made of impact-absorbing, memory generating material
- Removable, washable fire-resistant inner padding to ISO 15025A specification
- Kevlar® chinstrap
- Custom painting available
- Supplied with a black protective carrying sleeve
- SNELL SA or FIA 8860 Certified
- Supplied with HANS® post anchors
A helmet inner liner absorbs most of the generated energy during a racing accident, offering protection to the skull.
Unlike its competitors, Stand 21 has selected the exclusive Arpro® PPE (Expanded Polypropylene) to produce the inner liners for its helmet line. PPE has more linear compression properties than PPS (polystyrene), with higher initial-impact absorption and rebound-absorption capacity, offering greater safety in absorbing multiple impacts.
To achieve maximum possible safety, it is extremely important to properly fit the helmet to the head. Stand 21 engineered its helmets with removable, adjustable, 4-piece inner padding that provide a true individual and personal fitment.
Wear the helmet in the correct position on your head to optimize your field of vision by sitting in a correct driving posture. Switch the removable inner comfort pads, increasing or decreasing their size until you feel that your helmet is well supported by your head from all sides (including the back, an often neglected area). It is very important to obtain the assistance of a trained associate from the Stand 21 network to help you with proper helmet fitment.