Man O'War SBF Iron Block

No other 351 style ford block compares to the ruggedness of World Products™ MAN O'WAR family of engine blocks. World has upgraded the blocks iron to a 40,000 psi alloy and added material to the main webs. The front web is now .080" thicker and the center three are increased by .030". World also changed from 1/2" main cap fasteners to 7/16" ARP fasteners, leaving more material in the webs in order to strengthen the main web structure further.

The Man O'War comes in various deck heights to match the application. The 9.50" block is compatible with OEM heads and exhaust systems. 8.20" deck blocks are also offered. The Man O'War block was designed from scratch (in collaboration with a leading NASCAR team) using CAD/CAM and 3D design technology. With the input of ford racers, this is the absolute best SBF around!