VCARB to run recycled carbon fiber parts at Imola

Visa Cash App RB will be the latest team to utilize recycled carbon fiber in the production of its Formula 1 cars when it debuts new parts at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, joining McLaren which trialed similar technology at the United States Grand Prix last year.

For RB, its front wing flaps will be produced using molds made from recycled carbon fiber. Around half of all carbon fiber used by Formula 1 teams each year is used on component molds alone, and RB’s new parts are made using molds consisting of 85 percent recycled materials which reduce production emissions by 83 percent.

“The carbon fiber recycling project developed by Herambiente is a perfect fit with the aims of VCARB and the Red Bull GmbH group aimed at reducing CO2 emissions in the Formula 1 world championship,” said Enrico Fastelli, RB’s facility management and HSE director. “The promotion of the circular economy and local projects, along with the development of new technologies that make motorsport increasingly sustainable and respectful towards the environment, are all part of a raft of activities that VCARB is approaching with a holistic vision aimed at grasping every opportunity to tackle the global challenge of climate change.”

The move is the first step in a new collaboration with Herambiente, who will take all of RB’s end-of-life carbon fiber going forward and become a key factor in RB’s F1 car production in the coming years. Herambiente’s parent, Hera Group, is currently constructing a new plant near the Imola circuit which will have the ability to recycle carbon composite materials, saving up to 150 tonnes of CO2 each year which is equal to planting 4,000 trees.

“The partnership with Visa Cash App RB is totally in line with our aims of decarbonisation and development of a circular economy,” said Andrea Ramonda, CEO of Herambiente. “It has a strategic value with a view to promoting short and circular chains in Italy (reshoring) and the rest of Europe.

“Regenerating carbon fiber is a pioneering project which requires good teamwork, with each partner bringing its resources and skills, with the common goal of generating environmental, economic and social benefits.”

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