Ricardo and InoBat unveil battery module concept for low-volume performance automotive applications

Ricardo, a strategic, environmental and engineering consulting company, and battery cell partner InoBat have introduced a new flexible battery module concept designed specifically for low-volume performance automotive applications at The Battery Show Europe 2024.

James Sundler, business development director for Ricardo’s performance products business unit, said, “Our goal is to facilitate the ease of transition to electrification for our clients in the performance automotive and motorsport markets while minimzing design compromises to the vehicle.”

The concept provides OEMs with a solution for developing custom battery packs tailored to high-performance and specialized products, and features a modular design that is both scalable and customizable. The companies say this accommodates complex performance and efficiency requirements while minimizing compromises in full powertrain packaging.

These attributes make the module suitable for use in supercars, motorsport, performance motorcycles, marine applications and other demanding environments.

The module features InoBat pouch cells, which have high specific energy and high C rating for high-performance operation and fast-charging capabilities. It also includes a conduction cooling system for sustained high-power discharge and flexible packaging.

“Our ongoing partnership with InoBat and our proven track record in industrializing technology is enabling Ricardo to create a robust, quality supply chain essential for the delivery of critical electrification components for these demanding applications,” added Sundler.

A battery management system-agnostic design enables easy integration into existing platforms, although the module comes standard with Ricardo’s BMS.
Iain Wight, chief commercial officer at InoBat, said, “Ricardo has exceptional design and analytical capabilities that utilize InoBat’s high-power and high-energy characteristics of our NMC 811 high-silicone anode cell in a very compact, efficient module. When this is combined with the manufacturing capability of Ricardo it presents a compelling solution for demanding manufacturers looking to provide high performance battery solutions within their vehicles.”

Attendees of The Battery Show Europe 2024, running from June 18-20 at the Stuttgart Messe in Germany, can view the new battery module design at Ricardo’s stand.

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