Druck introduces pressure and temperature sensor for motorsport

Pressure measurement specialist Druck has introduced a new combined pressure and temperature sensor tailored for the motorsport sector.
Designed to address the specific demands of high-performance applications, the 4400T is built to withstand extreme conditions, including temperatures reaching up to 185°C, speeds exceeding 350km per hour, and intense vibration.

The sensor has been designed to provide precise measurement capabilities across various applications, including fuels, oils, coolants, and hydraulic systems.

Druck says race teams stand to benefit from its features, which include the sensor’s ability to provide: precise oil pressure data to help identify irregularities and reduce the risk of engine failure; and accurate brake pressure data, to enable race teams to fine-tune chassis and torque setups for improved performance.

For instance, the Hawk Racing British Superbike Team reduced lap times at Donnington by two seconds by analyzing brake pressure data recorded by Druck sensors.

By combining two sensors into one, Druck says race engineers gain additional engine or chassis space, simplified wiring, easier installation and reduced weight, along with simple verification processes.

With its maximum operating temperature of 185°C and accuracy across pressures ranging from 1.6bar to 250bar, the 4400T is adaptable to various chassis and engine pressure and temperature measurement needs.

“In an industry where milliseconds can make the difference, the launch of our breakthrough 4400T technology will help enable race teams to deliver efficiencies and improve performance on the track,” said Gordon Docherty, general manager of Druck, a Baker Hughes business.

“We’re excited to extend our strong track record in motorsport and augment our reputation for producing durable, accurate and reliable technology that delivers marginal gains.”

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