Racing Simulators

SX02Msport Simulator

Created with functionality and stunning looks combined, the SX02 series Simulator is equally at home in your games room, den, garage or race team and corporate environments. Finished in high quality contemporary finishes, the design and finish has no equal, it is totally unique. Every component of the beautiful chassis has been looked at and designed, then re-designed until we got it right.

For us it has to be the best and look it. No one wants to look at a simulator that resembles a piece of industrial hardware, so that is why we take the time and trouble to design something that will always look stunning in any environment. Customised colour schemes, various graphics choices, a range of High Definition LED monitors and a selection of quality controls from our Pro Series range ensures that every SX02 simulator is unique to its owner. We can also supply as an option for the SX02Msport simulator, a VR ready PC and VR Oculus Rift headset with all all the software installed and tested. This gives you the option of using it as a triple screen display version and also as a VR headset display version. Getting your head in the game has never been easier.