Wet Bench 3000
Wet Bench 3000
Wet Bench 3000
Wet Bench 3000

Wet Bench 3000

The dAMBEST wet flow bench is the "state of the art". Our bench is a must have piece of equipment for engine builders, carburetor modifiers, race teams and educational institutions. The dAMBEST Wet Flow 3000 enables one to simulate as run conditions with carburetors as well as cylinder heads. This saves untold amounts of time and money on the dyno and at the race.

The Wet Flow 3000 consists of:

A custom cabinet
Computerized Controller
High horsepower three phase electric blower
Simulated fuel system
Vacuum manometer
Fuel manometers
Power Valve vacuum source
Fuel pressure and vacuum gages
Training at dAMBEST headquarters

$24,500.00 FOB Poughkeepsie NY

Training at customer's location
$9,950 Data Acquisition, includes:
Air turbine*
Fuel turbine*
Data Acquisition System
Data Acquisition Software installed on laptop
We supply laptop
$9,750 Data Acquisition, You supply computer
$995 Air turbine* alone
$595 Fuel turbine* plastic alone
$975 Fuel turbine* stainless steel alone
(*call for turbine range)
50 Hz electrical
$2495 Standard Manifold Fixture
$499 Manifold Plates (Aluminum)
$4,995 Stand Alone Fuel Test Station:
For working on EFI mappings, Injectors. Includes:
Plenum Stand
EFI Fuel System (fuel pump and collection)