SAE 30 Oil – VP Classic™ Non-Synthetic Racing Oil

 VP's SAE 30 Classic Non-Synthetic Racing Oil protects engines that run excessively hot and create large amounts of moisture at shut down. To begin with, we formulate it with high-quality mineral base stocks and a select balance of additives. This combination delivers superior film strength and wettability of critical engine parts, both while running or idle.

Furthermore, our SAE 30 contains a unique base oil. We also cut it with enhanced levels of ZDDP (zinc) that clings to engine parts. Finally, we add both a strong detergent dispersant package as well as an aggressive rust and corrosion additive. VP Classic Non-Synthetic Racing Oil provides excellent protection for flat tappet and roller cams. Use it in air-cooled, naturally aspirated, turbocharged, or supercharged gasoline engines for high-performance racing and street applications.

Do NOT mix oil additive supplements with this product. Not for use with catalytic converters.