PPG-TREMEC- 6 SPEED HELICAL SYNCHRO GEAR SET. This innovative, new heavy duty, high performance set for TREMEC T56, Magnum XL and TR-6060 gearboxes fits both in-line and Corvette configurations. Optimised gear ratios reduce the drop in RPM between shifts. The gear set is manufactured using the same top-quality materials and unique heat-treatment process used in the manufacturer of all PPG’s products.
This gives it it’s inherent strength, durability and reliability.
•Heavy-duty 6 Speed helical synchro upgrade
•Suits All TREMEC T56 variants
•Unique heavy-duty input quill shafts
•Close ratio 6-speed: 2.437 / 1.611 / 1.228 / 1.000 / 0.891 / 0.802
•OEM-style helical tooth profile for low cabin noise
•Straight forward installation – Gearset drops into OEM casing
•Motorsport grade materials provide strength, durability & reliability
•Ideal for fast-road, track day and road race applications
•Low rpm drop - 5th-6th gear

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