LS Engine Seals


The developments of the LS Engine family have seen many developments.
Recently reported by EFI University were tests on a LS7 Engine incorporating the latest Ultra-Low-Friction Front & Rear crankshaft seals from GST Racing Seals.
This project named “Spinal Tap” by EFIU aimed to evaluate the LS7 Engine up to 11,000 RPM, so that is 4000 RPM higher than the factory red line.
They got there & the engine made peak power of 921 horsepower at 9300 rpm, 545 lb-ft of torque at around 8000 rpm & then revved happily up to 11305 RPM.
With the GST oil seal products having been developed for Formula 1 applications up to 20,000 RPM, the running friction is minimized & wear on the crankshaft is minimized.
Based on past history & many customer test evaluations the GST seals will give good & reliable performance under these extreme conditions & help to minimize engine rebuild costs.