SAE 70 Oil – VP NITRO SAE 70 Hi Performance Racing Oil

 VP's Nitro SAE 70 oil is designed for extremely stressed, high-performance competition racing engines. It's perfect for racing, drag racing, and tractor pulling applications fueled by gasoline, diesel, alcohol, or nitromethane.

SAE 70 Nitro Hi-Performance uses a heavy viscosity conventional base oil, which provides superior film strength, wettability, and protection from excessive blow-by into the oil. We include enhanced levels of ZDDP (zinc/phosphorous) for added wear protection. We also add a friction-reducing additive. As a result, it affords critical protection for extreme load, high torque, and high-temperature applications.

Do not use oil additives with this product. It's also not suitable with catalytic converters. Always consult your owner's manual/engine builder for proper viscosity and quality level.