Racetec Small Bore Pistons
Racetec Small Bore Pistons

Racetec Small Bore Pistons

• Manufactured on 2618 material forgings that will accept most extreme racing applications.
• Diamond tooling used throughout production including ring grooves and skirts for unrivaled tolerance control and finish!
• CNC Precision used in every manufacturing operation. Valve pockets machined for oversized valves and high lift cams.
• Top ring land gas distribution grooves to enhance performance and improve ring seal.
• Chromoly wrist pins, pin fit, wire locks, broached double pin oilers, and accumulator groove are included at no extra charge.
• Dyno tested and race track proven designs!

Our newest small bore forging allows us to offer the following popular designs right off of the shelf!

Don't see what you need? Call us… Custom pistons are not a problem!