Racing Transmission DLS A

Pakelo Racing Transmission DLS A is a high-performance transmission lubricant specific for racing car transmissions. The product represents the result of a long-term study, design and development focused to obtain an innovative chemistry suitable for extreme racing conditions.

Pakelo Racing Transmission DLS A provides the following properties:

-Exceptional resistance to wear and extreme pressures
-Great anti-oxidative, anti-rust, and anti-foam properties
-Absolute shear stability. The product maintains its starting viscosity during service even when undergoing extreme mechanical stress
- Effective LS (Limited Slip) properties. The product contains special friction modifiers that allow the use in limited-slip differentials, reducing friction and stick-slip phenomena even under heavy loads: by this way, the handling of the car and the power available from the engine are optimized
- Provides excellent compatibility with gaskets, also at high temperatures, enabling the product to operate efficiently without oil losses.