Intake Manifolds


Starting with Edelbrock's new LS-R casting, the RFD "LS-R" produces enough flow to support over 1,000 hp. Large LS-based engines of 480" or more need a cylinder head to supply it... and the LS-R is it! This head is designed to maximize the potential of GM's race oriented LSX block, taking the generation 3 & 4 engines to a whole new level.

The true canted valve design offers the most port flow and combustion efficiency possible with a two-valve design. The head uses the GM SB2 valve cover footprint required by the added width of the canted valve layout.

This is the most powerful LS-based cylinder head available today!

Cylinder Head Specifics
BORE: 4.125
INTAKE VALVES: 2.22"-2.28"
FLOW: 500

Other Specs:
• Compatible with GM LSX and aftermarket blocks
• HIP processed casting, the strongest available
• Canted Valve Design
• 52cc chambers
• NOS versions available
• Several port sizes available
• One piece rocker stand
• Fully CNC ported
• Sheet-metal or fabricated manifolds
• 2.2, 2.23 & 2.26 intake valve versions
• Bronze alloy seats