March 6th 2019

IndyCar Announces Deal On International Broadcasting Of Its Races

A partnership to provide international distribution services for the NTT IndyCar Series was announced by MX1 and IMS Productions. Over the next three IndyCar seasons, IMS Productions will be responsible for transmitting all NTT IndyCar Series races to international rights holders in more than 80 countries around the globe, and MX1 will provide both operational support and distribution services.
“We are excited for the opportunity to work with IMS Productions and distribute content for IndyCar, the world’s fastest and most diverse racing series,” said Susanna Mandell Montello, Vice President of Global Sports at MX1. “MX1’s satellite distribution business is used by many big-name broadcasters in the sports environment and has gained a stellar reputation for reliability and worldwide coverage.”
IMS Productions will provide technical and engineering expertise and facilities for the creation of IndyCar content and utilize its C- and Ku-band uplinks for the first mile of distribution, at which point, MX1 will seamlessly receive the feed and distribute it to the world.
“At IMS Productions, we pride ourselves on providing customers with a complete production solution, including mobile units, content services, and transmission services,” said Kevin Sublette, President at IMS Productions. “By collaborating with MX1, an expert in delivering flexible services that cut through transmission complexities, we can help IndyCar distribute its racing content with the ultimate reliability and global reach that is imperative for live sports.”