November 27th 2018

EPARTRADE's Shopping List For The 2018 PRI Trade Show

The companies below have joined the revolution in SmartSourcing racing products on EPARTRADE, enriching their profiles with new racing products, popular racing products, technical videos and technical papers.
We present them here as a fun and easy way to preview racing companies and products as you prepare for the world famous Performance Racing Industry Trade Show. Hardcore race engine parts, bulletproof drag race transmissions, ultimate safety gear, computerized steering wheels, carbon metallic brake pads, the latest shop machining equipment and much, much more.
It's not a Christmas shopping list, but for racing professionals, it comes pretty close. All of the company names are live links to their profiles, which feature their new racing products, etc. Enjoy!
ACP Motorsports     Booth 2715
Advanced Composite Products     Booth 2715
AEM Performance Electronics     Booths 2101, 2109
Aeromotive Inc.     Booth 955
ARE Dry Sump Systems     Booth 1351
ARP Inc.     Booth 801
ASNU     Booth 605
ATL Racing Fuel Cells     Booth 1119
Aurora Bearing Company     Booth 2225
Barnes Systems Inc.     Booth 1908
Bullet Racing Cams     Booth 638
C & R Racing, Inc.     Booth 3721
Calico Coatings     Booth 1705
COMP Cams     Booth 725
Conforma S.R.L.     Booth 2957
COOLSHIRT Systems     Booth 1438
CP-Carrillo, Inc.     Booth 317
Creative Racing Products     Booth 1138
Dan Olson Racing Products     Booth 1905
Davies Craig     Booth 445
Daytona Sensors     Booth 2613
Dyers Top Rods     Booth 1904
Dynojet Research     Booth 5629
Eibach Springs     Booth 4621
Emtron Australia     Booth 239
Essex Parts Services, Inc.     Booth 4811
Ferrea Racing Components     Booth 2019
Gandrud Parts Center     Booth 4343
GET'M Garage     Booth 7085
HMS Motorsport     Booth 4839
Hughes Performance     Booth 929       
Hylomar     Booth 3142
K1 RaceGear     Booth 4945
Motovicity Distribution     Booth 3847
MPI     Booth 4542     
Oerlikon Balzers     Booth 1115
OptimumG     Booth 608       
Pedders Suspension     Booth 445
PFC Brakes     Booth 4123     Booth 2143     Booth 2630
Raybestos Powertrain     Booth 3863
Roadrunner Performance     Booth 7024
Rottler Manufacturing     Booths 5129, 5139, 5229
Sadev Transmissions, Inc.     Booth 3724
SCE Gaskets     Booth 219
Seals-it     Booth 752
Setrab USA     Booth 1308
Speedflow     Booth 445
Spintric Technologies     Booth 1351
SRI     Booth 1841
St. Cross Electronics     Booth 4448
Stand 21 Racewear     Booth 4711
Sunnen Products Company     Booth 5101
Supertech Performance     Booth 4141
Texys Sensors     Booth 137
Trailer Alarms LLC     Booth 7100
Turbosmart     Booth 347
Turn 14 Distribution     Booth 2849
Weinle     Booth 1108
WPC Treatment     Booth 1641
Zeitronix     Booth 2008
ZMAX Racing Oil     Booth 4627
ZyCoat     Booth 7180
(Not Exhibiting In PRI Show)
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