November 16th 2018

Two New Board Members Elected To SCCA Board Of Directors

Two new board members were elected to the SCCA Board of Directors in the elections conducted in five of the SCCA’s geographic Areas. Three incumbents rejoin the board for another three-year term in office.
Bob Dowie, of Chester, New York, retains his position as Area 1 Director. Peter Jankovskis, of Lisle, Illinois, won his bid for the Area 5 Director seat. In Area 7, Dan Helman, of Huffman, Texas, retains his position, as does Area 8 Director Arnie Coleman of Colorado Springs, Colorado. And finally, Jeff Zurschmeide, of Lake Oswego, Oregon, won his bid for the Area 13 Director seat.
2018 SCCA Board of Director election results are as follows:
Area 1: Encompasses the Northeast Division, including the New England, New York and Northern New Jersey regions.
- Incumbent Bob Dowie ran unopposed
Area 5: Encompasses the Central Division, including: Badlands, Central Illinois, Great River, Lake Superior, Milwaukee, Blackhawk Valley, Chicago, Iowa and Land O’ Lakes regions. Outgoing Director is Bruce Lindstrand.
- Peter Jankovskis: 374
- Bill Trainer: 279
Area 7: Encompasses the Southwest Division, and regions such as: Alamo, Delta, Lone Star, Texas, South Texas Border, Central Louisiana, Houston, Red River, Southwest Louisiana and West Texas.
- Incumbent Dan Helman ran unopposed
Area 8: Encompasses the Rocky Mountain Division including the Colorado, Utah, Southwest Montana, Yellowstone, Rio Grande, Pan Am and Continental Divide regions.
- Incumbent Arnie Coleman ran unopposed
Area 13: Encompasses part of the Northern Pacific Division, including: Northwest, Big Sky, Arctic Alaska, Oregon, Montana and Snake River regions. Area 13 post open due to current Director, Jim Weidenbaum, relocating outside Area’s border.
- Jeff Zurschmeide: 319
- Monty Holt: 98
The full 2019 SCCA Board of Directors is as follows:
 Area 1 - Bob Dowie
 Area 2 - Jack Burrows
 Area 3 - Lee Hill
 Area 4 - Marcus Merideth
 Area 5 - Peter Jankovskis
 Area 6 - Chris Albin
 Area 7 - Dan Helman
 Area 8 - Arnie Coleman
 Area 9 - Charlie Davis
 Area 10 - Earl Hurlbut
 Area 11 - Jason Isley
 Area 12 - Tere Pulliam 
 Area 13 - Jeff Zurschmeide
Election ballots were received and counted by Mize, Houser & Company, Certified Public Accountants. The current board is set to have one more meeting in December, with new BoD members officially taking their seats January 1, 2019.